About MailboxPark

MailboxPark is an innovative software platform that enhances domain name sales by allowing sellers to better understand email traffic and provides an additional revenue stream by monetizing existing email traffic. We partner with a wide range of domain owners and managers, from parking companies to individuals, to help them monetize a previously untapped resource by working directly with various members of the email ecosystem.

MailboxPark is an email parking business owned and operated by 250ok, a leading email deliverability and analytics company. Our customers include Adobe, Marketo, SendGrid, SparkPost, and some of the most influential brands in social media, travel, dating, and retail.

Our exclusive email parking service features:

Supplemental Domain Revenue

Monetize the email traffic on undeveloped domains without switching domain parking companies.

$5 Payment Minimums

Begin getting paid after your account accrues $5 USD or carry the amount over to the following month.

Instant Account Activation

Verify your MX records are pointed to us and begin earning. No approval process required.

Intuitive UI & API

Easily manage your account and domains with our intuitive UI and well-documented REST API.

Net-7 Payments

Payments are issued within 7 days after the end of each month via PayPal or Direct Deposit (ACH).

Quality Customer Support

Our dedicated support team responds to all support requests within 24 hours.

MailboxPark for Domain Owners:

Tap a new revenue stream by allowing us to resell your undeveloped domain’s email data.

MailboxPark for Parking Companies

Leverage a new revenue opportunity for your parked domains by pointing your mail records at us.