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How much can you earn with MailboxPark?

We cannot provide an exact payout amount until your domains are pointing MX records at us, so we built the calculator on the right of this page to create an estimate.

The calculator takes our commercial email volume payout CPM (cost per thousand) and multiplies that amount by the average volume of email sent to a domain. Your domains could produce more or less than the estimate.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Get started with MailboxPark today and receive a guaranteed minimum payout of $.05 USD per qualified domain, calculated on a daily basis, for up to 1,000 domains (maximum payout of $50 USD per month)*. At the end of each month, either earn the value of your commercial email, or the guaranteed minimum, whichever is greater.

Note that only the following domains qualify for the guaranteed minimum payout: .com, .net, .org, .ws,, .tk, .de, .it, .ru, .jp,, .fr, .fm, .es, .ca,,, .hu,, .in, .no, .be, .nl, .ch, .dk, .cz, .pl, and .co.

Still have questions? No problem. Contact us at, and we can walk you through the model.

*Please note the CPM and minimum payout amount are subject to change. See our Terms of Service.

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Tap a new revenue stream by allowing us to resell your undeveloped domain’s email data.

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Leverage a new revenue opportunity for your parked domains by pointing your mail records at us.